The Advanced Pool Operator Course (Level 2) information builds on the material presented at the certified Swimming Pool Operator Level I Course. Participants will learn to deal with more complex problems as swimming pool operators. Topics include: Water Clarity, Air Quality, Health of Swimming Pool Water, Diseases: Pools and Spas, Oxidation Reduction Potential/Controllers, Circulation, Specialty Chemicals, Energy Management, Steam Rooms and Saunas, Risk Management, Custodial Management, and Lifecycle and Preventive Maintenance. You will be required to complete a group project, and a Take-Home Final Exam.

NOTE: After Class and Evening work will be required!! Successful candidates will receive a Swimming Pool Operator Level 2 course certificate. (Prerequisite: Swimming Pool Operator Level 1)

Thank you to our course sponsor, Automated Aquatics of Canada Ltd., for their ongoing support.

Pool Operator Level 2 - Lacombe - July 19-22, 2023

  • July 19 - 22, 2023
  • Gary Moe Sportsplex - Community Room 2
    5210 54 Avenue
    Lacombe, Alberta